Statement of Principle

As a school of the arts we value artistic and individual expression, at the same time our focus while at school is to see scholars dress appropriately for a serious academic setting.

Clothing must be clean, neat and in good repair.

All scholars are expected to arrive at school properly dressed and to remain so throughout the day. Scholars who choose not to follow dress code will be required to change into appropriate clothes provided by the school in order to attend class. After an initial warning, dress code violations will result in detention.

Polos: Short sleeve or long sleeve polos in yellow, white, light blue or navy polos with the One School of the Arts logo may be worn.

Shorts/Pants: Navy or khaki uniform style

Jumpers: Navy or khaki embroidered jumpers may be worn with blouses or polos underneath.

Cardigans: Embroidered cardigans may be worn in navy, white, or light blue or stripes with those colors.

Jackets: Non themed jackets are allowed, preferred colors are navy, light blue, or white.

PE Uniform: OSOTA PE shirt, black or navy basketball style gym shorts and sneakers.

The size of shirts, blouses or pants must be appropriate to the scholar's body size, please do not wear form fitting clothes.

All skirts, jumpers, or shorts must extend beyond the fingertips fully extended and/or reach mid-thigh. Please do not roll clothing to an inappropriate level.

Stretch lycra, spandex, biker pants, or yoga pants are not to be worn as outer garments.

No clothing with inappropriate themes will be allowed.

No hats.