In compliance with the State of Florida educational standards, every Kindergarten scholar must be age five by September 1st in order to attend our Kindergarten program. NO exceptions will be made. For admission, a child must be ready developmentally by September 1 of the current school year. New scholars applying for admission to Kindergarten may be required to take a Development Assessment Test, which is administered by the specially trained teachers at OSOTA. A nominal charge will be assessed for this test; however, upon enrollment this expense is applied to the registration fee. OSOTA retains the right to refuse admission to any scholar who does not exhibit the emotional or physical readiness necessary to successfully accomplish academic tasks.



In compliance with the State of Florida educational standards, every first grade scholar must be age six by September 1st and have successfully completed Kindergarten.



Previously enrolled scholars who re-apply will receive priority enrollment. According to the working policy of the OSOTA School Board, no scholar may be enrolled unless his previous account is paid in full or unless satisfactory arrangements have been made with the Administration. 



New scholars will be considered for application on an individual basis as they apply during the year. A letter of recommendation and previous report card are required when submitting your application. Transcripts for scholars transferring from another school will be requested. Parents must sign a request form to be sent to the previous school. A placement test will be administered to each new applicant, however we look at the whole child when determining acceptance. Placement considerations will be based on the results of testing, as well as records shown from the previous school. At OSOTA, we make sure that each scholar is the right fit before awarding acceptance to the school. Ultimately, we strive to do what is in the best interest of each scholar and family.


SpecialNeeds Scholars

OSOTA is not equipped to meet the special needs of some scholars. They may be denied admission if their needs cannot be met.     



It is a policy of the Florida League of Christian Schools (FLOCS) and also a Florida State Law that Kindergarten and new scholars must present a current physical examination and proof of immunizations before entering school. A new proof of immunization is required prior to entering the 7th grade due to new state requirements.