One School of the Arts offers several extracurriculars for scholars. There is really something for everyone. Whether your scholar is interested in  clubs, fitness, or intramurals, each activity is designed to encourage participation, develop grit, awaken joy, and inspire passion. Offerings are either through OSOTA or independent partnerships with organizations, companies, and professional individuals. Please contact the representative for further details. 

After School Programs: 

OSOTA Chess 

  • | Rhonda Adorno - radorno@oneschool.net (click to visit web page)
  • OSOTA Chess, our weekly chess club, provides a one-of-a-kind, three-level chess program where scholars and chess players from across Central Florida can play other kids their own age, and learn the necessary skills to compete regularly at local competitions, state, and national competitions. OSOTA Chess is a fluid opportunity for chess families,promising to help shape a unique chess identity and to grow as scholars' abilities change, especially through our partnership with Orlando Chess Academy. We are a USCF affiliated club, and we strive to ensure all players have USCF ranking. 
  • [Quick Facts: Tuesdays, Grades K - 12th, Grace Center, 4pm - 5:15pm, Oct 3 - Dec 5, $72/semester]

Rock School After School 

  • | Angelo Ballestero - aballestero@oneschool.net
  • | Michael Szabo - mszabo@oneschool.net
  • Learn to play in a Rock Band. Learn guitar, drums, keyboards and vocals, songwriting and more.
  • RSAS is raising up young musicians, singers and worship team members emphasizing "experience of performance" through private/group lessons and our flagship program called "JamTime". playing in an actual rock band.
  • [Quick Facts: Mon-Fri, Ages 7-18, Room 114/115, 3:45 - 6:15pm, Year Round $Programs Vary]

Dojo Martial Arts

  • | Rodney Thomas - fullcircleasd@gmail.com
  • Full Circle Dojo After School Dojo helps the scholar to grow physical, mentally and emotionally. FCASD teaches self mastery, self defense, self awareness, self confidence and service to others. 
  • [Quick Facts: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Grades 2nd - 12th, Multipurpose Room, 4:00pm - 6:00pm, Sept 4th - June 22nd $80/scholar]

 After School Clubs:

Zumba Fitness

  • Zumba is a fun and energetic aerobic fitness that features exercise routines inspired by various styles of Latin American dance moves and popular international music.
  • | Tamora Schreiner - tschreiner@oneschool.net
  • [Quick Facts: Thursdays, Grades 4th - 12th, Multipurpose Room, 4pm - 5pm, Oct 4 - Dec 14, $30/semester]
  • After completing the registration form below, please click here to submit payment. 

OneFit Challenge

  • | Brent Collins - bcollins@oneschool.net
  • OneFit Challenge is a weekly gathering of scholars and OSOTA staff focused on challenging themselves to become fitter (faster, stronger and more confident!) to to move beyond what they think they are capable of doing.  When we are fitter not only are we properly stewarding what God has given us (our bodies), but we are more prepared for whatever life throws our way.
  • Each class will consist of an age-appropriate, fully scalable, interval workout and will include warm-up, stretching and mobility time focused on preparing for the workout and thorough instruction and coaching on proper mechanics of the movements practiced.
  • No matter your current level of fitness or athletic experience, THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • [Quick Facts: Fridays, Ages 10 and up, Auditorium/Outdoors 3:45pm - 4:55pm, Oct 6 - Dec 15, $55 one time fee]

Running Club

  • | Krystal Morales - kmorales@oneschool.net
  • OSOTA Run Club consists of 5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching, followed by a 15-20 minute casual jog, then 5 minute cool down. The scholars will develop proper running technique and posture through guidance and repetition. This activity gives the scholars the opportunity to unwind and release energy, while building self-confidence, stamina, and character.
  • [Quick Facts: Wednesdays, Grades K - 5th, Main Building to Trail, 4:35pm - 5:15pm, Oct 25 - March 30, $FREE]

Lego Robotics

  • | Jay Moore - jmoore@oneschool.net
  • FIRST LEGO League gives elementary and middle school students and their coaches the opportunity to work and create together to solve a common problem. Challenged to research a real-world problem, then create an original solution for that problem, plus design and build a robot using a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® kit within a common set of rules to accomplish “missions” on a playing field, brings out the best in scholars and adults alike. The theme changes each season, requiring teams to be extraordinarily creative.
  • [Quick Facts: Wednesdays, Grades K- 12th, STEAM Lab, 4:00pm - 5:00pm, Oct 4 - May 23, $Program Varies]

Lovely Group (6th - 9th Grade Girls)

  • | Madeline Glascock - mglascock@oneschool.net
  • "The Lovely Project is a Non-Profit Organization, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, that exists to empower girls by providing them with tools, education and peer-mentorship for living a purposeful, productive life. Our mission is for every young girl to grow into a woman who will create positive impact on the world around them. The girls we reach in our community have the opportunity to cultivate healthy friendships in a safe, fun environment while being encouraged and mentored. Our vision is for every girl to know that she is Lovely."
  • http://thelovelyproject.org
  • [Quick Facts: Thursdays, Grades 6th- 9th girls only, Room 216/217, 4:00pm - 5:00pm, Oct 5 - May 30, $10/year]

Breakfast Book Club (Meets BEFORE School)

  • | Lindsey Jones - ljones@oneschool.net
  • 8th grade scholars will be able to participate in a book club, which will take place monthly on the first Friday of the month. It will take the form of a breakfast club. Scholars will bring a breakfast item to share, and we will discuss the book selection from 8-8:30am before school. The scholars interested last year preferred we met before school. Discussions will be monitored by me but I would like this to be student led discussion. Scholars will decide on what books we choose to read. 
  • [Quick Facts: Fridays, Grades 8th, Room 213, 8:00AM - 8:30AM, Sept 1st - May 4th, $Breakfast Item/Books]

 After School Tutoring & Lessons

  • Vocal/Singing | Jennifer Miller - jmiller@oneschool.net
  • Oboe Lessons | Kimberly Lieser - klieser@oneschool.net
  • English/Grammar (MS & HS) | Rhonda Adorno - radorno@oneschool.net
  • General Tutoring (K-5) | Tammy Tiansay - ttiansay@oneschool.net

Seasonal Intramural Sports

Volleyball (Co-Ed MS/HS)

  • | Spencer Graham - sgraham@oneschool.net
  • | Kile Riggs - kriggs@oneschool.net
  • The OSOTA Beach Volleyball Team, led by coaches Kile Riggs and Spencer Graham is a competitive beach program that will advance players to the next level of game-play. Throughout the season, each player will have the opportunity to compete in 3 tournaments that report their national rankings.
  • [Quick Facts: Thursdays, Grades MS & HS, Merrill Park Beach Volleyball Courts, 4:00pm - 6:00pm, Oct. 26th - March 29th, $100/scholar]

 Soccer (due to the status of our field, we will not be offering soccer 2017-2018)

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