Faith or intellect? Belief or reason? Miracles or logic? God or science? 

We help our scholars wrestle with these questions and come to know Jesus. 


Our Bible Classes are intentional and relational, cultivating spiritual growth.  Scholars are led into genuine conversations about faith and their identity in Christ.

This special time in class embodies a sense of joy with biblical truths and kindles a beautiful, confident hope in our scholars through discussions, teaching and prayer.  



Scholars gather weekly for worship, and an inspiring message that applies to their lives. This year we are introducing our growing team of musically talented scholars with the opportunity to lead their peers in worship during chapel time. 

Dean of Scholars and One Church Children's Pastor, Dave Martin, helps unlock spiritual truths for our scholars.  He oversees our chapel services and helps our scholars spiritually develop and mature.  He also comes alongside parents to help them in nurturing the faith of their scholars.

[MiddleSchool & HighSchool YouthNight]

Many of our middle and high school scholars love coming to One Generation, the youth ministry of One Church that meets on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the main auditorium.  As holistic educators our teachers support our young leaders in their desire to develop spiritually and even assign little to no homework on Wednesdays to make sure they can attend.


Once a year we have a whole week where we create a special environment to dive into discipleship and provide scholars with age appropriate opportunities to further explore their faith.  Without fail, every year it is one of the absolute highlights of the year.  There is nothing like seeing lives transformed right before your eyes! 


Annually our 6th and 8th graders go on a retreat in preparation for middle and high school. This is a unique bonding time full of team building experiences and authentic ministry led by Pastor Tim Waisanen & his wife Karla of People of Purpose Ministries. 

[RoyalRangers & MpactGirls Clubs]

Weekly our elementary scholars are seen participating in the One Church Wednesday night service at 7pm.  
Royal Rangers & Mpact Girls Clubs are like Christian boy and girls scouts and focus on fun projects, adventures, and annual outings.  


Prayer changes things.  Daily from 7:30-8:30 in our main auditorium we invite you to join our church partners in a time of prayer.  They passionately believe God for miracles and pray regularly for our scholars, their families and teachers.  We are so blessed by this support! If you have a prayer request that you would like to share, feel free to click the link below.