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Welcome to OSOTA!

We are excited to have you join the “Pride;” GO LIONS! To help get your feet wet, we’ve designed this page specifically as a “Cliff Notes Page”  with resources just for you! We hope the following information helps make your transition here optimal, and that you feel like a member of the OSOTA family immediately. Come create with us!

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Here at One School of the Arts, we strongly value connection with our families. The resources below are designed to best keep us in touch:


Beep Beep! One School Carpool is your personal vehicle to post a line and hitch a ride with other OSOTA families living in the fast lane!

Ready, set, go!


Top 5 Reasons
Why We Wear Uniforms

  1. School Spirit

  2. Sense of Belonging

  3. Character Building

  4. Bullying Deterrent

  5. Relieves Peer Pressure

All scholars are expected to arrive at school properly dressed and to remain so throughout the day. Scholar who choose not to follow dress code will be required to call home and change.  After an initial warning, dress code violations will result in administrative referral.

We've partnered with Dennis Uniforms and Land's End to provide our OSOTA families with great quality uniforms and customer service. Shop conveniently online by searching for "One School of the Arts" on the Lands' End and Dennis websites.  
For questions or assistance on placing orders, please see our Uniform's Page.

Interested in Uniform Swap with other OSOTA Parents? Click below to join our The Uniform Swap Shop is your personal duty-free port to buy, sell or trade new and gently worn uniform apparel amongst OSOTA Families. 

More details can be found in our Scholar Handbook, here are some main points. 

  • Uniforms are to be worn daily except on specified days such as Spirit Days. 

  • Only OSOTA outerwear may be worn on campus in classrooms during school. 

  • Clothing must fit appropriately, not too tight or too loose. 

  • All pants, shorts and skirts must be made of cotton-twill materials. They may not be corduroy, denim, black jeans, or have made of any material containing any elastane or spandex. Pants that are ripped or torn are not permitted. 

Buzz Words

OSOTA tosses around some  lingo that may be helpful to know out of the gate:

Scholar: To be a scholar is a decision of great magnitude. It is a choice to see greatness in others and demand it from yourself. It is a choice to inspire and go against the grain. It is a choice to be the light in an increasingly dark world. 

Walter: Our lovable, inspiring robot who is our STEAM Lab Mascot. 

Judah: Our school Mascot is Judah the Lion.  Go Lions! 

4 Pillars: Performing, Culinary, Communicative and Visual Arts are the foundation for our unique school experience. 

Character Houses: Middle thru High School scholars are placed into a Character House at the start of the year. The house welcomes them and there is great pride in each house. This is their family within a family where they have fun throughout the year via unique experiences.  House life results in camaraderie and excitement as they experience growth emotionally, spiritually and academically. 

Open Mic: Open Mic is an assembly held each Friday during the first hour of the day for the entire school. It's a time for scholars to perform in front of their peers in a fun and encouraging environment. Perfection is not the goal here, but rather an opportunity to sharpen their craft and learn skills such as public speaking and how to overcome performance anxiety.

S.T.E.A.M: an integration of the Arts, Design, and/or the Humanities into our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based curriculums through project-based learning. These labs will provide a fun and innovative environment for our scholars to experience and see the Arts through various group and individual projects.

LCS: Statewide competition where we compete against other Private Christian schools in categories ranging from Academics to Performances and Artistic endeavors. 

Chromebooks:  The computers that we use here at One School to enhance our scholars' learning! 

Genius Hour: Where passions come alive! Genius hour is a special course that is offered to different grades here at One School to provide a safe environment where their passions can be nurtured and their curiosity and sense of wonder heightened to new levels!