The Orchestra Program is open to scholars in 5th through 12th grades.  No experience is required.   How to read music and play an instrument are taught in Beginning Orchestra, while experienced musicians play in Concert Orchestra.  Orchestra members get to participate in concerts and music festivals around Central Florida. Learning to play an instrument opens up the potential for scholarship to college or a university (even if you are not a music major!!). Scholars in the orchestra program are taught everything from the beginning, including how to read music and play the instrument.

The instruments scholars may learn to play are as follows: 


Violin, Viola Cello, String Bass

Orchestra Resources

All information and resources for orchestra, including the handbook and important forms can be found in Schoology.  Please be sure to have your Schoology account log in info ready in order to access key information. 

Orchestras perform for school concerts and FOA (Florida Orchestra Association) sponsored events throughout the year.  

Current Orchestra Members
                                All current orchestra members can find useful information and resources on Schoology, including:                                     HANDBOOK - CALENDAR - FORMS - WHAT TO PRACTICE - EXTRA CREDIT - PRIVATE LESSONS
To access this key information, please have your Schoology account login information ready, and CLICK HERE.