Here at One School of the Arts we are blessed to use technology that affords our scholars a richer learning experience through increased opportunities for engagement and communication. We believe that parent involvement is a crucial aspect of a scholar’s education; therefore, we encourage parents to be involved with their scholar’s learning by providing easy online access to their grades and assignments on the web or via an app on your phone.



1. Navigate to www.schoology.com.
2. Click the “Sign up” button in the top right corner.
3. Then, click “Parent”.
4. Enter in your Schoology Access Code.

Watch this quick video on Schoology Parent Overview.


1.     Go to ClassDojo.com.
2.    Select the “Login” button and click “Parents”.
3.    Under the blue “Login” button on the right side, select “Sign Up”
4.    Enter your Parent Code given to you by your scholar's homeroom teacher.