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Academic Overview


OSOTA Programs

Programs offered at OSOTA include instruction in the academic areas of math, language arts, science, and social studies. Other areas of study generally include Bible, communication skills, physical & life sciences, health & safety, physical education, practical applied arts, computer, music, Spanish and Chinese. These are taught with the objectives of developing character, service abilities, physical and social skills, as well as career and work responsibility.

Teachers use Whole Brain Teaching to help scholars experience their education. It is a research-based system that utilizes all areas of the brain. Whole Brain Teaching:

  • keeps scholars engaged throughout their lessons.

  • highly interactive and helps scholars retain more information than the traditional lecture­ -discussion model.

  • encourages scholars to teach what they have just learned to their class partners, using hand-gestures to help remember specific concepts and vocabulary.

  • enables our teachers to walk around the room and discover who understands the lesson and who needs more instruction.

Core Curriculum

Core class curriculum is a carefully chosen combination of tools that, when utilized together, helps unlock success in each scholar.

4 Pillars of Arts Education

Our 4 Pillars of Creative Education consist of:

  1. Visual Arts

  2. Performing Arts

  3. Communicative Arts,

  4. Culinary Arts.

Every quarter, our scholars embark on a journey of discovery as they explore creativity, self-expression, values and more in their enrichment classes. We are fortunate to have numerous instructors who not only have experienced great successes and mastery in their fields, but also enjoy sharing their passion with young minds of the next generation.


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Kindergarten at One School of the Arts encourages scholars to experience their education. Kindergarten classrooms are bright spaces for creativity, discovery, play, and exploration. Scholars learn from their teacher about their responsibilities in the classroom environment and they learn fundamentally how to be a scholar.

The program concentrates on developing instructional independence, self-control and what it means to be kind to others, helping caregivers instill values that matter. These concepts are infused into or extracted from the curriculum, and are taught through dynamic lessons rooted in the educational approach of Whole Brain Teaching. 


  • Whole Brain Teaching is an approach designed toward maximizing student engagement, and focusing on the way the brain is really designed to learn.

  • It is an integrated method combining effective classroom management and pedagogically sound approaches to student engagement that are effective with a wide range of student learning populations vetted through 15 years of classroom application.




At One School, we believe that all scholars can learn and succeed in a loving environment where expectations are high. Young minds require a solid foundation of knowledge to support future learning. Our curriculum is designed to excite scholars about learning and prep them for success at an early age. 

We focus on fundamental core subjects while integrating Christian values into daily classroom culture.
Our enrichment courses provide scholars with a well-rounded educational experience. They cover a wide range of topics from learning Chinese and Spanish to mastering the skills of daily living to appreciation and participation in the arts.


  • Scholars are invited to learn by being active and working in collaborative groups.

  • They are also introduced to Project-Based Learning, and Character Education.

  • Scholars experience the arts through quarterly enrichment offerings in culinary, performing, visual, and communicative.

Middle School

Our middle school curriculum is dedicated to the continual pursuit of excellence in academics while providing a bridge between elementary and high school teaching approaches. We teach our scholars to be self-directed, active learners and to identify their teachers as engaged facilitators.

Our comprehensive academic program strives to provide a consistently challenging curriculum to benefit all learners within the classroom setting. During this transitional period for our scholars, we emphasize and celebrate their identity in Christ while sharpening their minds and talents.


  • Scholars work on projects over an extended period of time – from a week up to a semester – that engages them in solving a real-world problem or answering a complex question.

  • They demonstrate their knowledge and skills by developing a public product or presentation for a real audience.

  • Scholars develop deep content knowledge as well as critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills in the context of doing an authentic, meaningful projects.

  • Scholars experience creative energy while working in collaborative groups

  • Participate in Character Houses

  • Scholars choose their arts experience through quarterly elective offerings in culinary, performing, visual, and communicative.


High School

Many of today’s economic and educational voices state that 65% jobs have not yet been invented. We want OSOTA scholars to be among the innovators creating those jobs, so we invest in the following:

  • progressive technology

  • essential skills training

  • networking

  • service experiences

  • opportunities for multilateral associations

  • providing state-of-the-art resources

Program Description


9th -12th grade for One School of the Arts’ scholars comes to life in high definition. We strive to maintain a progressive lens with curriculum and educational approaches in order to support the different trajectories scholars and families wish to pursue after high school.

Industry has changed since the 1900’s and so should the classroom experience. While we equip scholars with the competitive knowledge needed in core disciplines to matriculate confidently into traditional colleges and universities, we also provide robust elective experiences that position them for unique post - secondary opportunities.

Academic Description

 One School of the Arts is excited to launch our scholars into the next season of their lives prepared and excited for the future.  Our core subjects are Bible, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.  Additionally, we offer enrichment classes that emphasize “life skills ” and elective courses offered in technology, arts, communication and ministry.

Curriculum choices work towards empowering scholars to tackle big obstacles, navigate the requirements for college and career, and prepare for real world responsibilities. These concepts are integrated through dynamic monthly lessons and experiences rooted in the educational approach of PBL and Challenge-Based Learning.

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Scholar Experience:

  • Quarterly Hands-on Projects

  • Classroom Collaboration

  • Multiple Intelligence Learning Experiences

  • College Tours

  • College Prep Meeting

  • 1-1 College + Career Guidance

  • Varied Assessment Tools

  • Character Development

  • Essential Skills Education

  • Creative Outlets

  • Performing Arts

  • Self- Expression // Voice

  • Life Changing Field Trips ** San Francisco, Chicago, Paris **

  • Mentoring

  • Service Projects

  • Attentive Academic Plans

College & Career


Look Inside

2019 -2020 College + Career Guide


Naviance Family Connection

OSOTA  is pleased to provide Naviance Family Connection as a support to our college placement program. Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution for high schools that helps align scholars strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, and improve their outcomes. Each OSOTA family is provided a login access to the resources available through Naviance.

Naviance Family Connection is a powerful software platform designed to:

  • Help scholars determine and manage a personal plan and attainable goals related to college and career aspirations.

  • Help scholars become more self-aware of their strengths and interests so as to inform decisions related to career discovery.

  • Naviance will be used in both the group college counseling sessions as well as individual meetings. Scholars and parents are encouraged to use the software at home too.

SAT/ACT Information

While the high school grade point average is the best indicator of college success, the colleges continue to utilize the SAT and ACT as an additional means to predict college readiness. In addition to admission decisions, colleges will use the SAT and ACT for placement into certain courses as well as for scholarships. Florida Bright Futures also requires SAT and ACT scores along with GPA and community service.

To prepare scholars for the SAT and ACT, One School administers the following assessments:

  • Freshman: PSAT 8/9

  • Sophomores & Juniors: PSAT

SOTA College Prep Counseling recommends all high school scholars, 9-12th grade take both the SAT and ACT test. Please contact for any questions you may have.

To see the available Test dates and Registration Information, please go to the following websites:

ACT:                          SAT:


Graduation Requirements

The following credit requirement is for scholars entering Grade 9 in the 2019-2020 School Year. In addition to these 28 credits, scholars must complete 120 community service hours and maintain a 2.0 Cumulative unweighted GPA.

If a scholar earns an ‘F’ in any course for a semester, they are automatically placed on Academic Probation where a plan is developed to replace the lost half credit. Failure to meet the requirements of Academic Probation may result in dismissal from One School of the Arts for the following school year.

Grade Promotion Requirements:

10th Grade: 7 credits
11th Grade: 14 credits
12th Grade: 21 credits

*Must pass English and Bible each year to be promoted to the next grade level.

Subject Credits

  • English 4.0
  • Math 4.0
  • Science 3.0
  • Social Studies 3.0
  • Christian Studies 4.0
  • World Language 2.0
  • P.E. / Health 1.0
  • Computer Business 0.5
  • Personal Finance 0.5
  • Biblical Entrep. 0.5
  • Marketing 1.0
  • Elective Credits 3.5
  • Fine Arts 1.0

TOTAL 28.0


OSOTA provides our scholars with different opportunities to be exposed to various colleges and universities. We also host informational sessions for scholars and parents and provide group counseling opportunities starting with the lessons we teach in freshman orientation. In the sophomore year, we will begin meeting individually with each scholar annually to review college plans, to understand academic and extracurricular goals, and to give guidance as to which college options would best fit the scholar’s particular calling and interests.


The College Counselors adhere to the following principles as they advise scholars and parents:

  • We focus on college enrollment and the processes that lead to that decision.

  • We advise scholars as to their best options for college based on the “best fit” .

  • We will not tell scholars where they cannot apply or where they should enroll.

  • We work diligently to stay current on college admissions trends at both the state and national levels.

  • We may not have all the answers, but our college admissions experience enables us to better understand the nuances of college enrollment

  • Manage and guide high school scholars through the process.



Naviance Parent Tutorial

Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.

Bright Futures Scholarship

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program establishes lottery-funded scholarships to reward Florida high school graduates for high academic achievement.

National Honor Society


The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.

Today, it is estimated that more than one million students participate in NHS activities. NHS chapters are found in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, many U.S. territories, and Canada. Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service.

NHS Sponsor:
Mr. Jason Moore

NHS Advisors:

Ms. Kim Reynolds and Ms. Heather Rice

Contact Information: