Unity in Solidarity // See You at the Pole 2017

Each year, One School of the Arts gathers with schools across the country to pray in observance of See You at the Pole.  Here, unity exists in solidarity -- in a moment of prayer because it is hallowed unto one purpose.

What that looks like is kids of all ages around the nation gathered before their school’s flagpole with friends, teachers, and parents, pausing to think, reflect, and most importantly connect with the heart of others.


OSOTA scholars in grades PreK- 12th connected to pray for their family,  for friends, for leaders in local and national government, their community, their nation, as well as their teachers and school.

Seniors prayed for the help and welfare of Puerto Rico, and those still recovering in Florida and Texas from Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

Behind the lines so scrutinizingly drawn in the sands of our society today, there were children carrying the banner for hope and healing in their world.

This is their world, their community, their home; this is their one nation under God.


We celebrate this freedom to pray for others, and we have so much gratitude that our scholars have a safe environment to change the world.