Celebrations big and small are part of our school culture. We believe it's important to celebrate our scholars and to help create unforgettable memories that bring smiles to everyone's faces.


Summer Reading Bash

Scholars who participated in the Summer Reading program were surprised with a secret party hosted by Ms. Adorno outdoors!


See You at the Pole 

SYATP 2018-26.jpg

There are moments in life that are both heavy and holy.  Moments that define a season and prepare you for what is to come. This year,  at See You at the Pole our school experienced such a defining moment. We gathered to pray for our nation, President, community, families, school and each other.  

Reformation Day 

October 31st celebrates the day that the Reformation in Europe began with Martin Luther posting his 95 theses on the Wittenburg church door. The holiday commemorates the actions of a man who was willing to stand against the ideas of his day and to present God’s Word as our guide for salvation (John 3:16) and Christian living.

It is great day of fun and remembrance of our Reformed heritage. 


Celebrate with Story Time Cafe!

Treat your scholar for their birthday with nutritious AND delicious offerings from our very own cafe! Gluten Free and organic options available.