Parent Teacher Fellowship

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We want to spread the word that we all are PTF. To keep it simple: #iamptf is our way of communicating that everyone is and can be a part of our mission too. Use our hashtag at all events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.


One School of the Arts' PTF is dedicated to empowering parents and teachers to make a difference in the education, health, and safety of our scholars.  Stay updated with events, fundraisers and school news by reading our weekly newsletter, attending our quarterly connection nights and on our OSOTA | PTF page.

Why We Exist:

Whether you are brand new to OSOTA or a lifelong veteran, becoming involved in PTF can be an unforgettable experience. We exist to:

Megan Huckabee | PTF Liason |

Megan Huckabee | PTF Liason |

  • Support excellence in the wonder and joy of education for scholars at One School of the Arts

  • Enhance communication among parents, faculty and administration.

  • Encourage and stimulate parental participation in the community of One School of the Arts.

Each family enrolled at One School of the Arts is a member of the PTF. You either put the "P" or the "T" in our PTF.

Note: Each family is required to donate 20 hours throughout the school year, serving in whatever capacity they find the most fulfillment. Should your schedule not permit volunteering, in lieu of service hours a $225 payment to the PTF can be made.


Casting Now for All Roles!

Since we aren’t your traditional school, neither is our PTF! Though the concept is similar to what many recognize as PTA (the National Parent Teacher Association), One School’s style is always a bit different and always innovative.

Our Parent Teacher Fellowship is

  • a creative network of parents, teachers, and administration

  • a connection and service hub

  • a family community to plug into

  • a gear to help achieve #everydayjoy at OSOTA

For the 2018-2019 school year, we're holding a casting call to find our stars.


1. Identify an area of interest (extracurriculars, theatre, room parents, special PTF events, field trips, photography, etc.)

2. Fill Out the Audition Form

3. Complete Background Check