The 2018-19 season brings an improved vision to the Theatre Department. In addition to our all-inclusive fall and spring productions, we are bringing back productions that will focus on our elementary and middle school scholars. For the high school scholars, we will be joining the International Thespian Society. Through our ITS troupe high school scholars will be able to compete on a regional, state, and national level in both performance and technical theatre as well as continuing with LCS this year.

OSOTA Theatre  offers scholars grades 3 through 12

  • Drama

  • Musical Theatre

  • Technical Theatre classes

  • Workshops

  • Scene Readings

  • Trips to Local Theatrical Performances

  • Technical Training Sessions

  • Collaboration, Innovation, and Excellence in the Theatre Field.

Schedule of Classes


  • Theatre – Intermediate 1

  • Theatre – Intermediate 2

  • Theatre – Intermediate 3

Middle School:

  • Technical Theatre 1

  • Technical Theatre 2

  • Theatre 1

High School:

  • Musical Theatre

  • Technical Theatre Design and Production 1

Department Team

Theatre Department Team:

  • Ashley Richards – Director/Acting Teacher

  • Kathryn Gibson – Production Manager/Drama and Technical Theatre Teacher

  • Jennifer Miller – Music Director/Vocal Teacher

  • Jessica Harris – Choreographer

  • Tara Capozzoli – Production Assistant