A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an old miser who is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marleyand the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come. After their visits Scrooge is transformed into a kinder, gentler man.

A Christmas Carol has been performed on stages around the world since 1844, and we have the privilege to share this timeless story on our stage. From elaborate, crafted sets to finely detailed costumes, our production team brings to life Victorian era London at Christmas time.


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  • Scrooge – Dominic Downer

  • Bob Cratchit – Judah Capozzoli

  • Fred – Noah Jones

  • Marley - Ysabella Ortiz

  • Christmas Past - Brielle Singh

  • Christmas Present- Grace Perez

  • Christmas Future- TBD

  • Millie- Emma Rost

  • Mrs. Cratchit - Rylee Stewart

  • Martha- Jadyn Marks

  • Peter- Aiden Beck

  • Belinda- Amber Blevins

  • Annie- Pearl Capozzoli

  • Tim – Donovan Downer

  • Mrs. Crow- Tori Yost

  • Mrs. Dilber- Deonna Bulla


  • Narrator- Gizelle Gill

  • Mary- Delaney Manson

  • Joseph- Tyson Rice

  • Angel 1- Alondra Pagan

  • Herod- Piper Zapp

  • Wise Man 1- Emily Fuentes

  • Wise Man 2- Alyssa Ochoa

  • Wise Man 3- Marlo Sherer

  • Shepherd 1- Brooklynn Roberts

  • Shepherd 2- Lyric Wynn

  • Shepherd 3- Camille Hesketh

  • Street Urchins: Janae Ruiz, Juliana Ruiz, Brinley Izzo, Persaeus Marques Fragata, Leila Torres

Supporting Actors

  • Jake Hawkins (Soup vendor)- Jada Williams

  • Mrs. Nelly (Scarf vendor)- Karly Dixon

  • Mrs. Honeychurch (Charity Woman) - Haddie Frohlich

  • Charity person- Savannah Perez

  • Mr. Fezziwig- James Thomas

  • Mrs. Fezziwig- Tatyana Perez

  • Young Scrooge - Bryce Coffey

  • Belle – Yazmin Olivera

  • Topper (F&M party guest)- Abdel Vientos

  • Lucy (F&M party guest)- Skyanne Moore

  • Agatha (Chestnut seller)- Natalie Irizarry

  • Fan (Scrooge’s sister)- Kathryn Del Rio

  • Ebby (Scrooge as a Boy)- Bryson Howard

  • Larry- Joshua McDowell

  • 1st child (Ebby’s School mates)- Amy Rossique

  • 2nd child (Ebby’s School mates)- Aviana Holyszko

  • 3rd child (Ebby’s School mates)- Elaina Whitaker

  • Young child (child who buys Turkey)- Ariana Arroyo

  • Toy Shop Owner- Victoria Roman

  • Meat Seller- Juliet Fuentes

  • Ignorance - Olivia McDowell

  • Want - Alec Beck

  • Dancing Doll Boy- TBD

  • Dancing Doll Girl- TBD

  • Teacher- Harlie Hesketh