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One School of the Arts offers a holistic approach to private, Christian education. It is with great intentionality that our vision is executed. Extensive research goes into every decision we make to provide the optimal experience for 21st century learning.  As a rule, our scholars experience their education. 

Critical thinking, problem-solving and higher-order reasoning are all keys while helping scholars develop their intellect.  
Since we are raising digital citizens in a global society we focus on technology in all of our academic studies.  

We believe in the power of doing.


At One School, we believe that all scholars can learn and succeed in a loving environment where expectations are high. Young minds require a solid foundation of knowledge to support future learning. Our curriculum is designed to
excite scholars about learning and prep them for success at an early age. 

One School focuses on fundamental core subjects while integrating Christian values into daily classroom culture.
Our enrichment courses provides scholars with a well-rounded educational experience. They cover a wide range of topics from learning Chinese and Spanish to mastering the skills of daily living to appreciation and participation in the arts.


Our middle school curriculum is dedicated to the continual pursuit of excellence in academics while providing a bridge between elementary and high school teaching approaches. We teach our scholars to be self-directed, active learners and
to identify their teachers as engaged facilitators. Our comprehensive academic program strives to provide a consistently challenging curriculum to benefit all learners within the classroom setting. During this transitional period for our scholars, we emphasize and celebrate their identity in Christ while sharpening their minds and talents.


As a college preparatory school, One School of the Arts is excited to launch our scholars into the next season of their lives prepared and excited for the future.  Our core subjects are Bible, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.  Additionally, we offer enrichment classes that emphasize β€œlife skills ” and elective courses offered in technology, arts, communication and ministry.