SAT Questing 2017

The SAT 10 is a national standardized norm-referenced test. When we are communicating with our scholars you will not hear teachers refer to it as a test. Unfortunately, in this day and age many of our scholars have been exposed to stressful, high-anxiety inducing situations due to excessive, pressure-filled testing situations. When scholars are stressed they do not do their best. This is why our school has decided that rather than doing “traditional testing,” we embark on a school-wide "questing!"

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Are You Smarter Than You Thought?

We happen to know there are many ways a person can be smart, and it is not only measured by good grades in Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts or English....It's through the theory of Multiple Intelligences developed by Dr. Howard Gardner. 

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OSOTA Family Spotlight: Artist Michael A. Romaniello and Summer Art Camp

At OSOTA, we love to feature scholars, parents, and families who are using their god-given talents in full color. Allow us to introduce alumnus Michael A. Romaniello, a gifted artist whose groundbreaking work will leave you speechless.  Michael is a holding a special art camp this July for scholars in grades 5th - 12th, and it's sure to be an amazing experience. 

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