8th Grade English, the Merry Crew Trial


From the OSOTA Times:

Written by Mrs. Adorno

Robin Hood and his Merry Crew stood trial on January 15, 2014 for the matter of stealing from the "rich" and giving to the poor. It was an open and shut case. However, this single event has brought attention to one of the biggest ethical controversies of our time.

The honorable Judge Bryant presided over the proceedings in her courtroom located on the upper level of English Hall. One hundred and eighty-six pronouns were recorded to have been used. The transcript of the trial was released by the court reporter. Her name was Christina Russell.

The defense team for Robin Hood and his Merry crew was Kyle Ramsaroop JD. and the prosecutor for King Scott was Kindra Culver, JD.

The jury reached a verdict after four minutes. They read the ruling that Robin Hood and his Merry Crew were not guilty.

Their reason was not what we ourselves would think to consider. Michael Patitucci, jury member # 1 said something very different, in fact. He said that the Merry Crew themselves could not have done anything so skillful because of the way they were behaving. He used the example that they were using their arrows inappropriately.

Jury # 2, Maria Villabon, did not offer an opinion herself. It is safe to assume that they were in agreement especially with the speedy verdict.

A source claims that Judge Bryant needed to use the gavel repeatedly in her courtroom. It would not be surprising if that jury member had a point.

As far as order though, the counselors on both sides were passionately defending the character of their clients. Both of them are veteran attorneys with an impressive track record for winning their cases. Things were bound to get out of hand. The key witnesses, the towering George and the mysterious Jazmyn of Sherwood Forest supported their fearless leader. They stood toe to toe with the prosecution. Likewise, the Noble Lord Nick seemed he would fight to the death for his King when questioned by the defense.

What can we as a society learn from this trial? I believe Judge Bryant herself summed it up nicely. Robin Hood, close descendant of the great Caleb Cruz was vindicated by her when she valiantly ordered King Scott to take care of his people. While she did not condone Robin Hood's stealing, she certainly understood his reason.

In a remarkable twist, before the final pounding of her gavel, Judge Bryant ordered King Scott to feed his people.

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