High School

Many of today’s economic and educational voices state that 65% jobs have not yet been invented. We want OSOTA scholars to be among the innovators creating those jobs, so we invest in the following:

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  • Progressive technology

  • Essential skills training

  • Networking

  • Service experiences

  • Opportunities for multilateral associations

  • Providing state-of-the-art resources

Program Description

9th -12th grade for One School of the Arts’ scholars comes to life in high definition. We strive to maintain a progressive lens with curriculum and educational approaches in order to support the different trajectories scholars and families wish to pursue after high school.

Industry has changed since the 1900’s and so should the classroom experience. While we equip scholars with the competitive knowledge needed in core disciplines to matriculate confidently into traditional colleges and universities, we also provide robust elective experiences that position them for unique post - secondary opportunities.

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  • Quarterly Hands-on Projects

  • Classroom Collaboration

  • Multiple Intelligence Learning Experiences

  • College Tours

  • College Prep Meeting

  • 1-1 College + Career Coaching

  • Varied Assessment Tools

  • Character Development

  • Essential Skills Education

  • Creative Outlets

  • Performing Arts

  • Self-Expression // Voice

  • Immersive Class Trips

  • Mentoring / Guidance

  • Service Projects

  • Attentive Academic Plans

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Academic Description

 One School of the Arts is excited to launch our scholars into the next season of their lives prepared and excited for the future.  Our core subjects are Bible, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.  Additionally, we offer enrichment classes that emphasize “life skills ” and elective courses offered in technology, arts, communication and ministry.

Curriculum choices work towards empowering scholars to tackle big obstacles, navigate the requirements for college and career, and prepare for real world responsibilities. These concepts are integrated through dynamic monthly lessons and experiences rooted in the educational approach of PBL and Challenge-Based Learning.