Character Houses

Character Houses are like the Greek factions of brotherhood and sisterhood found on college campuses-- except ours is coed, inclusive, fun, and they promote honor. To be inducted into a character house is ceremonious privilege. Scholars are mentored by staff and teachers over the course of the year while making new friends and learning how to grow in character!

Character Houses define us, unite us, and reveal that character can outwit, outlast, outsmart, and outmaneuver the most determined.

Scholars experience first hand how our personal character affects not only ourselves, but those around us.

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House Games


There are heroes inside us all, but Character House Games determine who will emerge in the midst of a great challenge. Throughout the year, houses are involved in competition with challenges that range from the athletic to the artistic. Everyday is an opportunity for scholars to help their house earn points. The more points earned, the more our scholars become amazing human beings strengthened in character. Plus, they’ll see...

  • What team-work looks like with monthly challenges...

  • What it means to give back and love those around you with community service projects.

The year concludes with an final competition at field day, and a year-end dance.

Character House Dance

The Character House Dance is the end of the year event that brings all Character Houses together. It is the wrap up to field day, and all the contests and competition among the houses during the school year. House winners are announced and exceptional scholars are recognized for exemplifying all 8 character traits. Each annual event has a different theme, and middle and high scholars are invited to dance and dine with their peers.