A day at the Brevard Museum

 Dinosaur Hall, Natural History Museum.

On Thursday, October 24th fourth and fifth graders along with teachers and chaperones visited the Brevard Museum of History & Natural Science. Scholars had the opportunity to observe, explore and enjoy the colorful dioramas depicting the area from the days of woolly mammoths and saber tooth cats, to the modern era of rockets and space shuttles. Fossils, specimens and artifacts from the animals and cultures that lived in this area over many thousands of years were also part of a ''Hands- On- Learning'' day!

Some of the exhibits we observed and toured were:

The Great Mammals- fully articulated Giant sloth and related fossils.

Windover Archaeological Site- where some skeletons were discovered and later the first skull with brain matter still attached to it was discovered.

Florida History- Seminole Indians culture, turpentine industry, cracker culture, the railroads, citrus industry and more.

Mollusk Room- viewed profound collection of Johnie Johnson and replica of the Great Megalodon Jaw.

Imagination Center- scholars were thrilled to act out a piece of history or a flight of imagination from the space shuttle.

After finishing our exhibitions we explored the outside surroundings with a walk around the nature preserve and trails. We enjoyed the mangrove and lake as well. What an adventurous day!

We are very pleased to report that Mrs. Campbell received a phone call from the museum the next day stating that we were the best school group to come on a field trip. They were blown away with how engaged and curious our young scholars were. We are very proud of them!

It is a blessing to serve and mold such a wonderful young group of scholars.

Mrs. Joan and Mrs. Maria

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