Service Learning Expedition Projects


Dear 6th and 8th Grade Parents,

The season of giving back is upon us! This quarter our class focus for English and writing will be related to how we can make connections with our community to impact a real change and make a difference. Each of the scholars has been assigned to groups that will be researching, planning and organizing outreach activities that make a difference for the community.  

Earlier this week, in our breakout sessions, I was so excited to see the ideas these brilliant scholars have come up with. I wanted to share some of the ideas with the parents, so your scholars can enlist your help in planning and organizing elements of their projects this term. Please look over the project ideas and let me or your scholar know if you can assist with any or all of the ideas. Part of the requirements for the scholars is that they make connections and partner with businesses or leaders who can ensure the success of their project. I am hoping that you parents will be able to assist with some direction and ideas in this area.

I am also listing some of the project ideas and items the scholars need, in the hopes that through collaboration together we can all help grow these projects together. If you see an item on the list or have an idea that could benefit a group project, please feel free to share it with me or your scholar. Not only will you be helping these amazing causes, but you will also be assisting the scholars with understanding what it means to personally lead in ways that give back to their community.

Read all of the eight project flyers below and feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like to donate and support the cause.  

Mrs. Heather Rice
6th & 8th English, Digital Media

Project #1 Children's Hospital Project

Project #3 Feeding Families Project

Project #2 Senior Buddy Project

Project #4 Breast Cancer Outreach Project

Project #5 Caring for First Responders Project

Project #6 Bicycle Buddies Project 

Project #7 Animal Shelter Project

Project #8 Random Acts of Kindness Project