The Morse Museum is Coming to One School!

"Color is to the eye what music is to the ear" - Louis Comfort Tiffany

Tuesday, March 3rd

For art appreciation, our young scholars from K-3 grade will learn the rich history and work of Louis Comfort Tiffany; the world leader of the Art Nouveau movement well known for his jewelry as well as his stained glass lamps and windows that brighten museums, banks, hospitals, hotel lobbies and more. 

On Tuesday, March 3rd, an art historian from Morse Museum in Winter Park will engage our scholars in a art project creating beautiful peacocks out of clay pots. 

Please contact your child's teacher for further details. 

: Mrs. Gordon

9:50-10: 35: Mrs. Wendy
10:40-11:25: Kindergarten classes

11:30-12:20 - break for lunch and recess

12:25-1:10 - Mrs. Sasiadek's class
1:15-2:00- Mrs. Meade's class
2:05-2:40  - Mrs. Moore's class

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