Scholar Spotlight: Kate & Lelani

Our scholars at One School of the Arts are passionate about all that they do, inside the classroom and out. We are extremely proud of all that our scholars have accomplished throughout the year.  

Through Scholar Spotlight, we will highlight artwork, performances, stories of character, and so much more.  Our scholars are a huge reason why One School of the Arts is a place where tradition begins, pride shines, and excellence excels!

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Katelyn Bailey had the thrill of representing One School of the Arts in front of 6 million people on the nationally syndicated show Daily Buzz last week. She was part of a Cinderella makeover that was used to promote the national release of the new Cinderella feature film shot by Disney.  (One School Entertainment Arts teacher Mr. Bailey had the pleasure of getting up at 3:40AM to escort his daughter to the set! ) 
Not only was Katelyn able to represent our school she also had the honor of having the segment viewed by Disney executives for the actual film! Watch the fun as she is turned from a school girl into a princess!

Another of the Scholars that works with Mr. Bailey in Entertainment Training is Lelani Fry. She was able to audition for a national Disney commercial/PR campaign and even landed the part! Lelani is one of the first scholars to book a national spot with Disney that will be seen by millions of people. 
"We are so excited for her and her growth." said Mr. Bailey,  "Lelani has always had an outgoing and engaging personality but the work she has been doing in the after-school program on Tuesdays, really put her over the top. She was able to navigate the audition and book the job! We hope to reach out to other scholars and offer the same opportunities for all that are interested."

The Pop Shop Entertainment Training (After School Program) will be developing some unique summer camp options in the next few weeks to hopefully help scholars develop foundational skills in the performing arts. These skills will allow them to excel in the program next year. Please join us in congratulating both Katelyn and Lelani!  God is truly opening some amazing doors. 

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Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men. - Proverbs 22:29