Peter Pan Review and Never Before Seen Pictures

"Believe anything is possible." - Peter Pan


One School of the Art's Peter Pan Production was a great success on so many levels. When you first walked into the auditorium, the stage cleverly encompassed all the geographical landmarks of Never Land. From the Darling's room to Captain Hook's Pirate Ship, it was an ingenious way of providing visual homage to places we've imagined as children. Much like a drummer keeps its band on rhythm, the tech team kept the play on beat by guiding the story with lighting, digital projections and audio cues. Bravo to the tech team that was comprised of all scholars! Speaking of the musical cues, the collection of music was one of the many grand surprises for the audience. We expected with anticipation the traditional tunes from the beloved Disney animation. However, the compilation of classical and high energy dubstep remix tracks amplified the excitement and served to highlight our talented scholars' dancing and vocal abilities. What a great way to showcase the talent of our school! Last but not least, the acting was remarkable and the level of dedication and commitment it must have taken to pull it all off was evident. What a special moment it has been for teachers and scholars to perform together and draw out from each other inspiration, support and mutual admiration. The success of Peter Pan would have not been realized without the support from One Church and our wonderful One School staff and families. Thank you for believing that it was possible.