Full Sail Labs Review

Allie Manners

"When I found out we were going to Full Sail I was shocked. I've never gotten to experience something so unique during the first week of school. It has caused both 10th and 11th graders to grow closer through this journey. Our challenge is to find ways to serve our community and take action. I really enjoyed being challenged to do something that can make a difference in our community and prove that our generation has the ability to make a change. We had the privileges to use and practice on ipads, computers, lights, and really anything we asked for. I actually felt like a college student for a whole week. We weren't followed around or told what to write and say, we were instructed to use our knowledge to take on the challenge on our own which I enjoyed. Overall it was an amazing experience that I will not forget! Thank you One School of the Arts!" 

Maria Villabon

"The first thing I think about when I hear Full Sail is technology. In my Full Sail Labs experience, I was given the chance to make an impact on people. My group and I were able to come up with an idea to help those around us. Many may underestimate our ability to help in a major way because we are young, but Full Sail Labs gave us the opportunity to come up with an idea to serve the community. This process has not only impacted those who we are helping, but it has also impacted me."  

Christina Russell

"When I first heard that 10-11th grade were going to Full Sail, I couldnt believe it. I was in shock! The technology used by Full Sail is amazing and we were able to use them to serve our community. We gave life to our ideas in hopes it will inspire change. My time at Full Sail Labs has been an amazing experience. Mr. Adams, Ms. Sue and Mr. Rob taught us how technology can help spread awareness to make a positive difference. I want to thank Mrs. Campbell and everyone at Full Sail Labs for letting us be able to spend time with them and teaching us that working hard towards something you are passionate about can be fun and rewarding." 

Rebecca Segarra

"When they told us about our challenge and how we would be able to use Full Sail's tech equipment to create and work on our project, I was excited for the opportunity. It was a lot of hard work and our days were full, but everyday we would learn something new and fun." 

Shantel Perrault

When we found out that we were going to Full Sail, I hadn't even heard of it! My first impression was how small the university was. When we first arrived, I only saw the "Full Sail Labs" building where we will be working in for the week. Little did I know how wrong I was! Full Sail University has a huge and exciting campus!

We walked into the building and I immediately saw the godfather of all ipads, which I later named the IPad 1000z. Full Sail had so much technological equipment which I fell in love with. They first assigned regular-sized iPads to all of us and we began a scavenger hunt involving the iPads and lots of selfies! We were then told about our challenge of coming up with a way to serve our community. As we established groups that were based off of our original ideas we started to brainstorm on group names and important details like what we would do to serve, how, when, and why people should get involved and support our project. We had professionals come in and speak to us about how to "sell it". They shared with us their awesome back stories and gave us some very helpful advice. Lastly, our teams filmed videos and I had a blast doing ours, even in the scorching summer sun!

Everything was just an amazing experience. It's not easy to make friends when you are at a new school, but in this group experience, where we were forced into working together in small quarters which helped us become friends with one another. This experience is something I really enjoyed and would love to do again. Thank you Full Sail Labs and One School for coordinated this and provided us with this amazing opportunity!

Jade Morrison

Going to Full Sail University was amazing.  Being able to experiment with their technical equipment and listen to the speakers was a great experience. It gave me a new outlook on most of my artistic views. My favorite part of the trip was when the photographer/artist spoke about his paintings. He spoke about how he found inspiration from another artist which then inspired him to started drawing. Hearing his prospective on portraits was big for me because I'm learning to be a photographer and I struggle with understanding how to take portraits. Now I know what to look for when taking portraits of people and the significance of facial expressions.  

Another part of the trip I loved was being made to think about things I would not normally think about. We were challenged to find ways to help the community and think about laws that would apply to our team project. 

I really enjoyed and learned a lot during my experience, and appreciate the opportunity to work with those outstanding professionals!

Devonny Aikens

My image of a college experience was completely opposite to the actual encounter I received at Full Sail Labs. My first impression of the lab was quite positive. Within seconds of my entering the door I was impressed by the modern design and interesting choice of lighting. Four dry erase boards decorated each table, accompanied by a collection of multi-color dry-erase markers, pens, and post it notes. Perhaps the best part was receiving an IPad to help me with my work the entire week. Also, the giant IPhone (Padzilla) was pretty incredible.

    We were introduced to a challenge video that our teachers created a few weeks before we arrived. Our first project was to brainstorm ways we could impact our community and choose a group of students that could work with us on this task. After a few days of tedious work we came up with a thirty-second pitch, checklist for the next two months, and a promotional video to encourage other members of our community to join our movement.

    Specifically my group is named Heaven’s Hospital Helpers (Triple H). Our vision is to volunteer at local hospitals and bring joy to each patient that we are able to come in contact with. More importantly our goal is to simply make the world a better place, one random act of kindness at a time. Thanks to Full Sail Labs I now see that no matter my age anything can be accomplished if I just put the work in and plan accordingly. Just another way to prove that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

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