Summer Reading Update!


In May's edition of Time Magazine, I found this interesting quote regarding summer reading from Kate DiCamillo (award winning author and National Ambassador of Young People's Literature):

"If you can read, you can do anything you want to do in this world. It opens the door to everything.  You can teach yourself anything.  It is also interactive.  When you are reading a book and the character picks up a pencil and moves it on the desk, all the synapses in your brain that would fire if you are actually picking up the pencil yourself, fire so even though you are reading about it, it’s interactive.  There is just so much to gain from reading. There is not only the educational part — it’s the emotional part too. You can learn about yourself and other people."

What a great quote! We wholeheartedly agree with Kate and that is why we strive to maintain an engaging culture of reading and love for literature that spills over into summer. In fact, reading has been an enjoyable summer staple for our OSOTA families. Continue to encourage your scholars to explore more books, share their experience and complete their book project during these last weeks of summer. 

Click here to view our  "Summer Reading Update and Book Project Ideas". Comment below and tell us about your scholar's summer reading adventures! Which books are they most excited about? 

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