Tax Free Week & School Supply List


Florida's Back-to-School
Shopping Sales Tax Holiday 
August 7-16, 2015 


Qualifying purchases include:

  • Clothing, shoes, and accessories ($100 or less per item)
  • Back-to-school supplies ($15 or less per item)
  • Computers and computer accessories (tax savings applies to the first $750 of the sales price—only when purchased for personal/non-commercial use)
  • The Florida tax free weekend/week savings does not apply to clothing sold for more than $100 per item; school supplies sold for more than $15 per item; books (although many are already exempt). Other exceptions and exclusions may apply.

Click Here to download Florida Department of Revenue's Tax Information Publication (T.I.P.) for more info. 



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School Supply List

Click on the grade below to view the supply list for that class. If you have any questions please DO NOT leave a comment below. Please email all your questions to for a quicker response.