Introducing Life Skills Groups

Studies show that counseling programs can boost scholar achievement, self-esteem, and help scholars overcome learning and social barriers. We celebrate our school counselor Ms. Cindy McDaniel, as she develops the first two groups of the year for our Life Skills Program. These groups are designed to empower our scholars and build confidence academically and interpersonally. The groups will be made available to all scholars at different times throughout the year.

If your scholar as been chosen to participate in the upcoming group, he/she will go home this week with a parent letter and a permission slip that needs to be signed and returned to the school by September 28th.

If you have any questions about our Life Skills program, please contact Ms. Cindy at


CONTROL YOUR FIZZ group is for boys in 2nd-4th grade. Our star scholars will be learning about the value of handling strong emotions and training up to be role models that set 'new high levels' of standards for excellence whether its in 'single player' mode or 'co-op'. These scholars will also participate in the "CONTROL YOUR FIZZ" demonstration that involves shaking a soda can and a messy ending. 


CIRCLE OF FRIENDS group is for girls in 4th-6th grade. Our lovely scholars will be given the opportunity to understand the significance of cultivating healthy and lasting friendships. Discussions of the heart will include subjects like bullying, kindness, encouragement and self confidence.