"The Greatest Artist of All Time" A Spoken Word Video


The lyrical and dramatic nature of Spoken Word performances lends itself well to the skills of, voice projection, body language, and annunciation in conjuction with the artistic elements of musical concepts like rhythm, acting and vocal manipulation to create commentaries on faith, life, politics, love and everything in between. When done well it provides a way for the audience to feel submersed in the performer's world view and passions. We are excited to announce that this week's theme for Open Mic is "Poetry and Spoken Word" and we encourage scholars to sign up for this opportunity of self expression. So put your thoughts on paper, commit it to memory, and let's hear what you have to say!  For more information about our Open Mic click here or email me to sign up!  


Mr. Ryan Frye
Director of Arts, 

My favorite artist builds galaxies.
— Jefferson Bethke