Congratulations! Cast List is Up!!


Director of Arts, Mr. Ryan Frye

Congratulations to all of our scholars that were cast in our production of Beauty and The Beast! Check out our fantastic cast list below! Our first practice will be held Wednesday the 20th from 4:00 - 5:30. Mr. Frye sent additional details and important information to cast parents via email today. If you haven't received it please check your spam folder. You can also email me at



Beauty - Alyssa Kinkopf (Understudy Gabby Golloza)

The Beast - George Ortega (Understudy Haziel Olivera)

Merchant - Ryan Frye

Wynne - Mario Coello (Understudy Gideon Lindsey)

Geoff - Mark Hellender (Understudy Michael Pattitucci)

Iris - Shantel Perrault (Understudy Christy Tusing)

Lily - Brooke Canavan (Understudy Leilani Fry)

Old Woman - Gabby Golloza (Understudy Rylee Stewart)

Squire Gregory - Andrew Tiansay (Understudy Caleb Cruz)

Hector - Haziel Ortega (Understudy Judah Capozolli)

The Beast’s Servants - Stephanie Galloza, Roman Pompeii, Nylette Aguirre

The Prince - Caleb Cruz


Morgan Polozola                                                                Alex Tiansay

Joey Fry                                                                                Caleb Cruz

Judah Capozolli                                                                 Mike Patitucci

                        Nick Hudson                                                                  Nylette Aguirre