"What an incredible, well put together field trip with such amazing chaperones and 8th grade scholars! Traveling many miles by metro and logging in over 40-walked miles was so much fun together! So many wondrous sites seen: the White House (spectacular by day and by night), the Washington Monument, both the Lincoln & Jefferson Memorials, and the honorable war memorials. We toured several popular attractions along the "mall"  like the Air & Space Museum, The Museum of Natural History, the Holocaust Museum, and more! One major highlight was our guided tour of the Capital Building with our Florida Congressman, John Mica. Sitting in the Congressional Hall while learning the history of the room and all that takes place there was such a treat!! Additionally, we even had downtime in the park and enjoyed the picturesque Cherry Blossoms that only bloom this time of year. Taking in the scenery, history, and architecture with this group was simply priceless!!!" ~Ava Polozola (Parent & Chaperone)

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