House Games & Dance Social

House Games

Are you ready to be a part of something revolutionary? This June, we will break down house walls—go head to head, stand tall, be extraordinary, discover the rich heritage of a scholar, and test the true strength of our character. An epic three day event. HOUSE GAMES at One School of the Arts.

There are heroes inside us all, but who will emerge in the midst of great challenge? This is one competition that will define us, unite us, and reveal that character can outwit, outlast, outsmart, and outmaneuver the most determined.

  •  6.1.16 Day One – Camp Geneva Training [ All Day]
  •  6.2.16 Day Two – Cornucopia Elite Games [All Day]
  • 6.3.16 Day Three – Hunted Leader Games [Half Day]
  • 6.3.16 Day Three - Character Crowning Ceremony & Dance Social

The House Games are the product of a tremendous legacy. Parents and teachers have faithfully sowed excellent values into the heart and minds of elected scholars. This groundbreaking experience will reveal how important these values really are in the face of intense games that require physical, mental, and spiritual strength and endurance.  There can only be one winner. Alliances will form. Plot and Strategy are key, but the victory can only belong to one House. Each house member is responsible for contributing $5.00 to the house games treasury. Please bring your amount to house games treasurer, Mrs. Waisanen no later than 5.26. 16.


Following the three days of competition, houses are invited to attend the private Character Crowning Ceremony. This  “Enchanted Evening” will be marked with awards and a celebratory dance social, hosted by Character House Peer Leaders.  Here, the Character Council will announce which house emerged as the elite winner of the first annual house games.

The custom of such an event requires that houses adhere to superior formalities—this includes creatively incorporating the house color into the wardrobe selection. All house members must upload an image of themselves wearing their selected attire by  5.27.16 or 5.31.16 so the OSOTA Wardrobe dictator, Ms. Joan can ensure each member will best represent his or her house on the festive evening.  [].  

For the special occasion, the ladies of each house will be entered into a lottery to win a facial and mani-pedi by a professional style team! 

Click Here for the Dance Social Guide.

Character Peer Leaders will be collecting $10.00 for the dance social at a designated station on campus next Thursday. 

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