Spiritual Emphasis Week 2017

Once a year we have a week where we create a special environment for scholars to dive into discipleship and be given age appropriate opportunities to further explore their faith.  

Without fail, every year, it is one of the absolute highlights of the year.  There is nothing like seeing lives transformed right before your eyes! 

What is [S.E.W]?

Spiritual Emphasis Week does for our scholars exactly what the acronym says: [S.E.W.]

This annual commitment to carve out time, just for Christ, is like scattering hardy seeds onto a landscape of hearts, and waiting with fervent anticipation for the ground to reveal its fruit!

What happens at [S.E.W]?

Led by our Family Pastor Mike Viladesau and Scott Howe, as well as special guest speakers, and the One Church team, scholars experience: 

  • heart-felt chapels
  • amazing worship
  • challenging activities
  • incredible break-out sessions

This time allows scholars to focus in on their relationship with God--wherever they may be on that journey. 

This year we are leading scholars into understanding their purpose and identity. Middle and High School scholars, and elementary scholars, led by Pastor Chris Dearth, are guaranteed to have an authentic awakening with Christ like never before. Leaders are very sensitive and intentional about creating an atmosphere where the love of Christ is evident, and the Holy Spirit is welcome to minister to their hearts and minds. 

This week is not only for scholars, it is a time to connect with teachers and leaders in a brand-new way, as much as it is a time for teachers and leaders to refresh and spend time in God’s presence, ministering and being ministered to.

We look forward to amazing testimonies coming from this year's #sew2017.


Wonderful Welcome to Kile Riggs: HS Bible

At One School the spiritual culture is just as important, if not more important, as our creative and academic culture. In this, we are always seeking refreshing ways to keep our scholars engaged and focused on their faith, growing closer to God. 

To help usher in this new wind, we are so excited to welcome Kile Riggs, a new addition to our high school Bible team.