Coming Soon: Ninja Warrior Fitness Program

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Physical Education at One School of the Arts is bold and breaking news, and has been for some time.  For example, our scholars have P.E. daily, and the activities have included both the traditional and dynamic, such as Cross-Fit and Weight Training. 

Scholars enjoyed volleyball, kickball, soccer, and organized games because we have always had a wide open field to run, jump, tag, and play...


...until the fall of 2016. You may have seen the flooding from I4-- the flooding of our field that has become a fully stocked lake as a result of actions taken by others. 


Although we are 100% invested in reclaiming our property, and seeing it restored to a green field of dreams, we are pioneering to provide an even better fitness program for our scholars through our Ninja Warrior Fitness Program. We're turning lemons into lemonade! 

What is Ninja Warrior? 

If you have tuned in to television lately, you may have seen the hit show, American Ninja Warrior. Contestants compete and tackle challenging obstacle courses using whole body strength and stamina. 

Right now, American Ninja Warrior is sweeping the country. Show producer, Kent Weed, in an interview with Racked, has a theory as to why the show is so popular. He says, "It has a broad audience because it is something that touches us in a childlike manner, in a place where we all were young and used to jump off of jungle gyms and build little forts on the couch and jump from couch to couch."

This year for OSOTA is all about Wonder. If a TV show can inspire wonder in adults because they are reminiscing about the wonder of childhood, we think it's time for us to work harder in creating that experience in school, to get kids active, excited about health and fitness, and motivated. 

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This is why OSOTA's Ninja Warrior Fitness Program is being launched-- to give our scholars a memorable approach to fitness as they work on strength, conditioning, flexibility, problem solving, and coordination, overcoming obstacles designed for their skill levels.


A venture of this epic scale must be done right, and well.

Our goal of raising $100,000 has been reduced dramatically to $70,000 after receiving a generous donation from a member of our community. We are enthusiastic about revealing this fantastic experience in Late November, so we are asking our OSOTA families to help support our campaign in whatever capacity, and to share widely!

We envision a course of both fixed and changeable obstacles that will all teach and reinforce both the fitness and character themes of the broader OSOTA community, while igniting passion and enthusiasm for physical education. 

Our new PE team is comprised of 3 innovative coaches with individual strengths in separate areas, offering an array of expertise in the field forming a whole other kind of
all-star team: Spencer Graham, Coach Spencer (Organized sports) Diane Downer, Coach Diane (Weight training and cardio) Brent Collins, Coach Collins (Crossfit Coach/Trainer).

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