Adventures in Science!

Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science. - Edwin Powell Hubble

Many times, schools can lean more strongly towards one discipline-- either the arts or the sciences.

OSOTA delves enthusiastically into both worlds, and we strive to offer the best experiences equally.

While we have seen wonderful moments in the arts (prepared to be wowed by, Suessical, our first production of the year next weekend), we want to share an inside look at our science classes and STEAM Lab.

We are grateful to have seasoned teachers who are passionate and confident educators inspiring, challenging, and motivating scholars to discover science and STEAM with great enthusiasm.

This year we welcome Dr. Alber Fares who has a become a champion of 8th, and 10th - 12th grade science. Dr. Fares makes us want to reenter science class as adults. His educational approach is simply vibrant. It stands out and that creates genuine curiosity among our scholars. From the moment his class begins, scholars have a clear objective. Whether suiting up in the proper safety gear or bringing their best hypothesis to a lab experiment, it’s full engagement.

2018-08-17 09.18.58.jpg
2018-08-17 09.23.18.jpg

Mrs. “Joan” Torres continues to be a bright star with 7th and 9th grade sciences. A favorite lab has always been what Bubble Gum brand makes the best bubble. Ms. Joan’s affable approach lights her lessons on fire! She is a true scientist who doesn’t mind the messy detail that makes experimentation fun.

Mrs. Kristi Combs, who teaches 6th Grade and STEAM Lab, brings real sense of tangible innovation to 6th grade science and elementary STEAM classes. This week’s solar oven and balloon-powered car projects truly captured the joy of learning.

Balloon Powered Cars - 3rd Grade

Balloon Powered Cars - 3rd Grade

We look forward to all the ways our scholars will fall in love with the sciences with great teachers like these leading the way!