Lost & Found and Labeling Options

We as parents shuffle our scholars all over the place such as school, to their after school programs, field trips, their friends' house, church, grocery store... the list goes on.  We've lost and misplaced our share of belongings amongst it all. Not to mention that during school hours our scholars are moving between their classes, electives, lunch, PE and Chapel several times a week leaving items behind. Let’s face it!  No one wants to constantly replace their child’s lost belongings. Because we understand how frustrating it can be to maintain an inventory of your family's items, we would like to help as much as we can! Please take time to label or have your scholar label all of their belongings including lunch boxes, water bottles and any article of clothing such as jackets, PE shorts, ect.  

Our teachers will look for labels on items and try to return them to it's owner before placing them in the L&F bins. If the labeled item still makes it to the Lost & Found, our staff will generally take one last look before donating the items to Goodwill which normally happens at the end of each month. Our Lost & Found bin is located in the hallway right by the kitchen. 

A teacher-parent told us about this online company called  NameBubbles.com which sells cost effective and durable labels that can easily be applied to your scholar's clothing and other items. What a great idea! You can also create your own labels by using Iron-On transfer paper or simply by using sharpies.  

What ever your preference, get your scholar involved and have a fun labeling day with the family. Share your ideas in the comment below!