STEAM Lab Reports : Lego Ratio and an Illusion Multiplication Art Activity

The use of legos can be a great math tool that is fun for scholars and actively engages their learning. Our scholars in Ms. G's class delved into much more than math during their Lego Ratio STEAM Lab activity while other scholars enjoyed an art integrated activity with their multiplication lesson. 


In the Lego Ratio STEAM Lab activity, scholars at One School were able to see the practical use of science, engineering, arts, and math. They first found the ratio of red, blue, and yellow bricks and followed certain directions to build ratios within a building. For the second part of this activity, our creative scholars modeled their own design that was later re-created at a larger scale while developing hypotheses and exercising trial and error tests to find their answers.

Other scholars were introduced to Paul Klee and the art movement of cubism in Ms. G's second activity titled "Illusion Multiplication Art Activity" . In this lesson, the scholars were able to see examples of cubism and tessellations. They were then inspired to create their own version using multiplication and graph paper.   

Check out the scholar driven exploration!

Activity Sheet used for Lego Ratio lesson can be found at this link:

Link to teaching steps for "Illusion Math Art" STEAM Lab