Rising To Success Leadership Retreat

rising to success

Connection is the heartbeat of One School of the Arts. We strive to create a culture where connection happens purely, where healthy relationships among teachers, scholars, staff, and families are second nature.

Connection builds a community of love, support, and trust, and in this society we simply need more of it. We want our scholars to realize that connection, rather than isolation or criticism, is the mindset of world changers.

During the school year, we seek out meaningful ways to develop this. We love creating opportunities for relationships to grow, heal, and mature. We create memories, and make it our mission to inspire joy!

In the classroom, this decision translates into hearts and minds that are fully engaged.

Often times, however, the beginning of the school year can pose a hindrance to making these vital connections, especially among new middle school and high school families.

Starting off on the right foot is the key to a successful finish in middle school and high school, so we have asked what is the best way to set our scholars up for success.

The answer is that we connect!

This summer, we are inviting our rising 6th and 9th grade scholars to attend a truly amazing leadership experience at Camp Sparta. This camping experience will give scholars the chance to build relationships—before the start of the school year, to eliminate pressures, and provide character building activities, team exercises, indoor/outdoor activities, as well as times for devotions and worship. The opportunity to connect with teachers, pastors, coaches, and staff will strengthen our scholars’ confidence as they set out to discover their true identity this coming year.

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