Welcome Team V ~ Pastor Mike and Kathy Viladesau


Hello One School Family!

This may come as a surprise, but we have a soft spot for family. We love family and we love to love the way that God loves us. We also love when our family grows!

Moments always skate by at the end of the year, but we want to stop, and wholeheartedly acknowledge this occasion:

Pastor Mike and Kathy Viladesau are the new family pastors at One Church, and they bring with them a tremendous love for, well…family!

Pastor Mike and Kathy have served in youth ministry for more than a decade, more recently as Worship/Associate  Pastors locally in Central Florida.

Join us in welcoming them and their five beautiful children.

Our last chapel service of the year was amazing, and our scholars were privileged to meet and hear Pastor Mike and Kathy share a little about themselves and their connection to our school, including how they first met in the One Church auditorium (for our group of kids, way back in the 90s).

Team V is thrilled to work with our young people at OSOTA and help families to be strong and healthy.  

We are also excited to announce Team V as leaders of a one-of-a kind retreat for our rising sixth and ninth graders this year. Stay tuned!