Around the World in So Many Ways!

Ready for Take-Off

In December, our elementary scholars traveled the globe experiencing different cultures and holiday traditions in their classrooms.

Scholars visited the Netherlands, China, English and Australia, Sweden, Israel, Germany, Italy, India, Kenya, and Mexico, and several countries in South America.

For a truly dynamic learning experience, all grades boarded their flights with passports in hand, and through creative projects, engaging lessons, and awesome room remixes the whole wide world was at their cobbled feet.


Hello from Korea

Then on January 8, we welcomed 24 scholars from South Korea as part of OSOTA’s international program. These scholars are experiencing American education for a total of 8 weeks learning about American culture and the love of Christ, some for the first time! And just last week, we also welcomed a group from China!


This time of year is always rich and rewarding as we form relationships and learn from each other, without the limitations of classroom walls.

We encourage you to ask your scholar if he or she has made friends with any of the new international classmates or rekindled their friendship with a scholar who returned from last year.  Our hope is that we all will learn from them as much as they are here to learn from us.

Watoto Children’s Choir


We have been around the world in so many ways, and tomorrow night, we will have the amazing invitation to appreciate the vibrant country of Africa.

One Church will be hosting the Watoto Children’s Choir from Kampala, Uganda THIS Wednesday, January 30th at 7PM! This renowned group of youngsters show talent beyond their years and use it to glorify God through song and dance.

We encourage you to attend this heartwarming evening for a time of music and dance, as the children share stories of what God has done in their lives.

The world is big, beautiful, and we are excited that our scholars are able to experience it in such creative ways.